Monday, June 22, 2015

Chord Melody on "Beautiful Love"

Here is a simpler chord melody chorus on the 1929 standard "Beautiful Love" by Victor Young. Like we mentioned in the previous chord melody blog on "How Insensitive", this is a good way to systematically work on solo vibraphone possibilities. The combination of pedaling with various mallet & hand dampening techniques can help create counterpoint in voicings, melodic & harmonic embellishment, reharm, etc., while maintaining the clarity and adding nuance to the music. Writing the music down in the form of an etude can help to better understand and assimilate the information, or even generate more ideas. 

In the video clip I am reading the music literally, but be aware that rhythm embellishment can be added. It can be played with a swing feel, or even changing the meter to 3/4. Any of these modifications may pose different challenges in the execution of the dampening techniques.  

If you have any question, please feel free to contact me. Gustavo

Here is the link to the written music: 

"Beautiful Love" Chord Melody (PDF)