Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Four Note Groupings on "I Love You" & "Rhythm Changes"

This clip was taped in a recent improvisation class taught by Ed Saindon at Berklee College of Music. The class was working on applying the improvisational technique of "Four Note Groupings" to Cole Porter's composition "I Love You" and "Rhythm Changes". Here Ed is heard on piano as he demonstrates the technique, improvising primarily with FNGs. The attached PDF contains the FNG chart for "I Love You" used in this solo, as well as the "Rhythm Changes" progression along with some basic reharmonization. For further information on Four Note Groupings please refer to Ed's FNG Article. Four Note Groupings is one of the five topics extensively discussed in Volume Two of The Complete Guide To Improvisation by Ed Saindon soon to be released. 

"I Love You" & "Rhythm Changes" FNG Chart